New Site!

New Site!

I’ve decided to get in on the recent reboot craze by engaging in a much-needed overhaul. Feel free to check out the newer site by clicking here. There some new content there already, including some pieces that got lost in hubbub of the transition, as well as all the old stuff, so feel free to poke around but be careful as there’s still some sawdust and motor oil stains on the floors.

To those who have been faithfully following me through WordPress, I apologize for any inconvenience, but I think it’ll become quite clear that the new space is an improvement in every way, and I hope you follow me over there. I’m not abandoning this particular platform, but will merely be using it for other purposes. My main hub will now be elsewhere.

New state. New site. Different…well, okay, same guy. For better or worse.

- cs

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